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tv   [untitled]    September 28, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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warranted is that correct? >> correct. >> number nine will not be implemented. the reason it doesn't warrant. number ten will not be implemented. the reason is not warranted, correct. >> number 11 is implemented and ongoing. number 12 have been implemented. >> yes. >> 13, i believe the committee said will be implemented in the future. is there a date or time for that or -- >> i think within six months, is that right? i'm sorry. maybe i'll ^ did refer to the mayor's office. >> mayor's office, six months is fine. >> all right. number 14 will not be implemented. number 15 will not be implemented. number 17 will not be implemented and number 18 will be implemented. >> okay. so at this time i
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would like to direct the clerk and the budget analyst to prepare a motion that we made to update these to the recommendations. is there a supervisor tang, did you make the motion. >> no, i did not, but i like to make a motion to, i guess update these recommendations. >> thank you. is there a second. >> second. >> excellent. thank you so much. >> all right. motion has been made and unanimously passes. thank you. okay. we're going to lose supervisor campos. thank you for your services. wonderful to have you. don't worry everyone. madam clerk, can you call item two and three together. >> item number two is hearing on the recently published 2012-2013 civil grand jury report entitled "log cabin ranch: planning for the future,
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a continuity report." >> item number two is hearing on the recently published 2012-2013 civil grand jury report entitled "log cabin ranch: planning for the future, a continuity report." resolution responding to the presiding judge of the superior court on the findings and recommendations contained in the 2012-2013 civil grand jury report entitled "log cabin ranch: planning for the future, a continuity report" and urging the mayor to cause the implementation of accepted findings and recommendations through his department heads and through the continuity report." resolution responding to the presiding judge of the superior court on the findings and recommendations contained in the 2012-2013 civil grand jury report entitled "log cabin ranch: planning for the future, a continuity report" and urging the mayor to cause the implementation of accepted findings and recommendations through his department heads and through the development continuity report." resolution responding to the presiding judge of the superior court on the findings and recommendations contained in the 2012-2013 civil grand jury report entitled "log cabin ranch: planning for the future, a continuity report" and urging the mayor to cause the implementation of accepted findings and recommendations through his department heads and through the development of the annual budget.. >> thank you very much. like we had, the grand jury will have ten minutes. supervisor tang has another commitment to we're going to have to speed this up a little bit. i would like to ask that you make your presentation and cut it down to five minutes and we'll have from the department and the civil grand jury will have five minutes and we'll hear from the department who will also have five minutes and an additional five minutes for the closing statements. let's see. leslie, are you here? great. >> are you going to present. >> give us the highlights. >> good morning chairman cohen and supervisor tang. my name
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is leslie finlive and i represent the jury 2013 responsible for the law cabin. the jury chose to followup on the report on law cabin issued by the 2010, 2011 civil grand jury which in the main applauded seen at the ranch. one of the ranch was a expansion as a camp. however the city has deferred long term development of law cabin. in 2012 the juvenile probation made a presentation to the planning committee which outline capital needs for law cabin and master plan. our jury found others before the ranch for years have been kept alive just barely. we had no vision for the future. our
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committee visited law cabins -- it was welcomed by the staff. we talked with counselors and teachers and resident and we were impressed to create facilities preparing these men for productive citizens but we saw how difficult it could be to strengthen these programs with its current low population has been difficult. in interviews with community we heard biases against law cabins. they prevail and that results in decisions to place juvenile offenders throughout of state and out of state. we had some recommendations. i'll focus on the ones -- they're all important to us but we would like recommendation 11, continue efforts to continue the ranch as a disposition option. we commend the jpd for its after post release program,
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j crew which assist graduates to adjust to post release. we encourage jpd to continue its outreach. it's strengthening its place in the juvenile system. recommendation 1.2 expand vocational training. we feel this is necessary steps in the effort to minimize group home and out of state placements. we know that efforts have been made to hiring more teachers and programs are being developed. there's a new forklift certification program that has been added. >> it's okay leslie. >> you've covered a lot. its only been two minutes. >> now i can include everything. we have been told that the administration hope to institute funds for an auto
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shop teacher. we know there's mention of this in the response and we're curious about the status of this program and we encourage the ongoing efforts to offer meaningful training to these young men. i forgot to add, thank you for holding the hearing and we acknowledge the presence of the juvenile justice commission who is sitting behind me. okay. recommendation 1.3 increase the presence of community based organizations to provide a broader spectrum of services. the jury is happy to learn that a number of mental and substance therapist are available and they're working in concert with a law staff and family members. chief probation announced his letter of august 29, 2013 to the board of supervisors, outlines his intentions to continue these evidents to have programs and services and enhance cbo and collaborate with the members of
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the community. recommendation 1.4 enhance training for all ranch staff. we appreciate jpd as planning a course in the missouri model which is the rehabilitation approach for all ranch staff and partners and also to provide additional training for all those involved to enhance their qualification to serve this public. recommendation 2, develop tracking systems for post probationary use to provide data to evaluate programs at the ranch and after release in collaboration with the adult probation department. the jpd is funding an electronic case management system and will discuss data sharing with adult probation. the jury finds this to be a very positive step in evaluating the ethics of the services in the juvenile service system. we look forward to jpd collaboration
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with adult probation and we ask the board of supervisors to establish a time frame between these two departments as referred to in the response. recommendations three, fund a master plan to determine problematic capital requirements for a viable facility. toward the end of the injury's term we learned that funds have now been provided to conduct a needs assessment. the first step in developing a master plan for law cabin ranch. we note that funds for a master plan have been included in the 2014-2015 budget. the jury hopes that there is a solid commitment to fund the master plan and based on the needs assessment we urge the board of supervisors, the mayor's office, and the juvenile probation department to insure that this funding
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remains on the budget. last recommendation, 4.1 explore possibilities with community organizations and foundations to further development law cabin ranch and hidden valley ranch. we hope that the proposed formation of a sub-committee will result in robust partnerships that benefit both the jpd and the youth and its care. and last comment is our city is so fortunate to own this beautiful 600 plus acre property. it has potential to be developed into a model facility that will be instrumental in turning the lives of juvenile offenders and many at risk youth around and keeping them close to home and close to their families. we want to thank the many people who met with us sharing their
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thoughts and concerns. we were very impressed with the juvenile justice system. >> was it under five minutes. >> it was close enough. it was less than ten. that was good. we have another response prepared by chief nance. >> this is a consolidated response, right. >> good morning, yes. alan, probation officer. >> same rules apply to you. no favoritism. >> supervisor tang, and members of the public, i'm alan and i'm the chief for the probation department. i'm honored to deliver this to the grand jury's report. i like to acknowledge the superior court of preceding cynthia lee and the grand jury and the four
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person martha mangold for her report this morning, for their diligent service and efforts to meet with all the various stakeholders. to truly understand the work at law cabin ranch and they're thoroughness which the findings and recommendations were crafted. i want to thank the mayor staff ask the leadership of the district office and the youth and their families. the public defenders office and the juvenile probation staff for their collective contributions and coordination in the development of the response to the grand jury report. law cabin ranch is the only residential rehabilitation center operated by the county of san francisco designed exclusively for minors adjudicated for manners by the juvenile court. it's an option available to the juvenile court as it serves the minor and the
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public safety needs of the community. it serves juvenile males between the ages of 14 and 18 years old who have committed serious, violent and chronic offenses. since the implementation of the youth services model -- institute model in july of 2009 over 100 minors have entered the program with an average of 24 youth per year, the average length of stay is ten months. our response to the recommendations are as follows, finding number one as it relates to creating this facility as a nearby alternative to out of state placement, by strengthening the court programs, we agree with this finding. we believe that this is precisely what our leadership in san francisco should be about. and we are prepared to move that finding forward. in terms of
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recommendation 1.1 to continue our current efforts to develop law cabin ranch as a viable disposition. this recommendation has been implemented and is ongoing. the department in partnership with the health department has added clinical programs. we have expanded the utilization of the unit to include youth graduating from law cabin ranch. this national model focused on after care planning, community planning and collaboration with the courts attorneys and other stakeholders. the department has continued to end gage in outreach efforts to invite the stakeholders, the attorney groups and others to tour the facility and to end gage with the young people just as members of the civil grand jury has done to clearly understand the quality of the rehabilitation programs available. recommendation 1.2 as it relates to expanding
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education and vocational training, this recommendation is ongoing. it was added to law cabin ranch to assist those young people who have completed their high school diploma or gpa online. the school district is going to enhance individual instruction and special education and as was mentioned by finlive a fork live program is currently in place. community based agency, young community developers have been begun a series of workshops at law cabin ranch. we're excited about this new y initiative that just lunched. in regards to the auto repair program while we certainly believe that this will be a
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vocational option that many of the young people will enjoy and embrace we believe there are other sectors that may be a value to our young people particularly the technology sectors and also green technology. so we want to -- we don't want to for close on any of these opportunities. at the same time to the extent that we grow the vocational offering we have to consistently grow the population as well. as to recommendation 1.3 increasing the presence of dcyf funding, i mentioned the work that is beginning with young community developers. the department has also entered into an agreement with the health department to add a substance abuse at law cabin. we'll work with them and other community based organization to encourage and welcome their participation and
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service delivery at the facility. as far finding number two, the long term tracking of juveniles after they left law cabin ranch and returned to the community, we agree with this finding as well. as to recommendation number two, developing a tracking system for post probationary youth and collaboration with the adult probation department, so that we can provide data to evaluate both of the ranch and after release. this recommendation is partially implemented. the juvenile probational department included resources to develop an electronic case management system. this system will support the department in its capacity to analyze and the outcomes related to program types and serviceses at the facility. the probation department is producing other programs using the same. it
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will provide an opportunity for both technical and operational leakages for more affective tracking of offender outcomes. the department has initiated efforts with the court system. this in addition with our partnership with apd will allow us to better track the arrest -- rearrest of young people after they left the ranch and understand the outcomes through the adult court system. for finding 3.1 law cabin ranch has the potential to become a sue peer yore for san francisco. with he agree with this finding -- we agree with this finding. 3.2 leads the ranch to uncertainty. we agree and partially disagree with this findings. we believe a needs
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assessment is ongoing to an assessment. that is underway and the final report is imminent. this will help inform the development of the master plan. as to recommendation number three, funding the master plan to determine the programic capital requirements for a viable facility. this is partially implemented. the needs assessment process is under way. the department has requests funding in the prior year budget for master plan -- funding for the master plan has been deferred to the fiscal year 2014-2015 budget. we're very hopeful and positive that that will be sustained in our budget in the upcoming fiscal year. as to the final finding number four, creating partnerships with community organizations and foundations and other jurisdiction. 4.1
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is exploring charity foundations to further develop the law cabin ranch in hidden valley facilities. this recommendation is being implemented. the juvenile probation commission created an add hok community. members of that commission have also expressed their interest in developing public, private partnerships to support the juvenile develop. this requires work and analysis. partnership with the mayor's office and the board of supervisors. as to recommendation 4.2 to exam
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collaboration with regional counties to develop programs and address the needs of high kiss risk and at risk youth, this requires analysis. we've reached out to our neighboring probation department as to a reasonable alternative to the division of the juvenile justice. unfortunately those conversations were not fruitful. there's new leadership including the leadership in our department and i'm happy to reinvigorate that conversation. in conclusion the juvenile probation department in conjunction with the other city response in the mayor's office appreciates the work of the civil grand jury and this opportunity to highlight law cabin ranch and focus on the needs of the facilities and the youth and the community it
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serves. >> are there any members of the public that like to comment on items two and three. >> no comments from the civil grand jury yet. through supervisors, cohen and tang. >> my name is today and i'm the chair of the the juveniles commission is an arm of superior court. and commissioners are appointed by the supervising judge of san francisco unified family court. our mandate is in california and welfare institutions code and it establishes a justice commission in each county and charges our commission with inquiring into the administration of juvenile justice in san francisco. there's 12 commissioners serving in a capacity. we expect the facilities and programs of the juvenile justice system and group homes that youth are assigned to and adult lock ups where juveniles
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are held. in the expansion of programs for the youth residing at law cabin ranch and a viable master plan, we are in favor of those. we endorse all of the recommendations of the civil grand jury and we thank them for the work that goes into the report of the grand jury. we have a tremendous respect for chief alan nans and ranch director dan prince. we urge increase funding for law cabin ranch and for the juvenile department as a whole. as a former civil grand juror i would like to address a comment made by another speaker. the civil grand jury does have subpoena power and generally city departments s employees are corporate but with he have used our power in cases where
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it has been needed. >> anyone else who would like to speak on this item. this is an appropriate item if there's any other members of the civil grand jury that like to speak. you have two minutes. no. okay. public comment is still open. >> i'll the secretary of the juvenile justice committee and we want to thank everyone who came to look into the law cabin ranch. what's important here is everyone is in agree znswer about the improvement we want to make. we have to focus on what the needs need in terms of counseling and after care and health. i think the tracking system will help everyone with these programs. its important that we will get the infrastructure and notice the ranch can be maintained in a way that will contribute to the
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self worth of these individuals. also we would really like to thank the partnership that we have with chief nance. he has been a wonderful addition to our team. the youth enjoys him and he's been open to all of our recommendations. so thank you very much. >> great. thank you. seeing there's no other members of the public that like to comment. public comment is closed. and so now we need to -- we have three findings and three recommendations that we need to respond to. supervisor tang. >> welcome new chief and his new role. i did have the privilege of visiting law cabin ranch so i got to see it firsthand. it was incredible. with that i'd like to recommend
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that for finding 3.1 that the board of supervisors and superior court agree with that finding. >> okay. four finding 3.2 agree in part and disagree in part since there's a needs assessment that is scheduled coming up and also the master plan is funded for the 2014-2015 budget. >> okay. >> finding number 4 the board of supervisors agrees with that one. our recommendation number three, partially implemented. recommendation 4.1 implemented. and recommendation 4.2 will be implemented. i'm sorry, recommendation 4.2 will be further analysis. >> i apologize. >> did you get that. i want to
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make sure you got 4.2. >> yes. >> okay. recommendation 3, i think under the state requirements it has to be implemented or has not been implemented. >> the answer, we cannot -- the response cannot be partially implemented. q. that's not one of the choices. >> who could be said will be implemented. it has not been implemented but it will be reviewed during the budget review. perhaps it will be -- okay. the recommending requires further analysis and the date could be -- within six months so it would be a hearing prior to budget are view within six months. >> i think we can live with that. >> so for -- just to clarify for recommendation number three
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we recommend further analysis and we will revisit it in six months. >> correct. >> okay. so i mean i want to clarify there's no way for us to revisit this during the budget proceedings? >> you have to -- unfortunately the state rules requires six months. >> okay. then after six months then we can put -- that puts us right before the beginning of the budget cycle. >> it's six months from the publication. thank you. did you have a comment? >> very quickly. tony from the mayor's office. another option would be to say that the board of supervisors won't implement because they're the policy body but they void implementation from the mayor and the associated department so if you don't want to hold another hearing that is another option.
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>> we're going to hold another hearing on it. thank you. thank you for that suggestion. so we will -- may i have a motion for this. >> i would like to make a motion to adopt those updates to this resolution. all right. >> we're sticking with further analysis. >> we're sticking with further analysis for six months. and a motion has been made and seconded and this motion passes. >> thank you very much. madam clerk are there any other items on the agenda. >> that concludes our business for today. >> okay, my friends, i'll see you the next one. this meeting is adjourned.
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>> we are approving as many parks as we can, you have a value garden and not too many can claim that and you have an historic building that has been
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redone in a beautiful fashion and you have that beautiful outdoor ping-pong table and you have got the art commission involved and if you look at them, and we can particularly the gate as you came in, and that is extraordinary. and so these tiles, i am going to recommend that every park come and look at this park, because i think that the way that you have acknowledged donor iss really first class. >> it is nice to come and play and we have been driving by for literally a year. >> it is kind of nice. >> all of the people that are here. ♪


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